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"I do not have PKU, nor have I tried many of the PKU foods - I was amazed at the taste of this burger. It was better, and had more flavor than any real meat burger I had tasted. I am planning on purchasing these so my nephew has them when he visits- I just hope I can resist eating them myself!!!"

Nashville, TN

"I can't thank you enough for all the work you have put into making eating enjoyable and life easier for the PKU community... And, naturally, the meat course is the biggest issue. Well, you guys have gone the distance, and solved a large portion of the issue. Once again, thank you!"

Winchester, VA


Do You Have A Healthy Relationship With Your Diet?

Cambrooke offers a complete dietary therapy for inborn errors of metabolism with the ability to mix and match our Low Protein Foods with our great tasting metabolic formula products: Cambrooke Therapeutics GLYTACTIN™ (modified glycomacropeptide [GMP]) drinks, smoothies and bars and CAMINO PRO® amino acid drinks. Finally, a healthy relationship with your diet!

Cambrooke's Complete Dietary Therapy

Cambrooke Foods
Low Protein Foods
Cambrooke Therapeutics
Metabolic Formulas
More than 60 low protein food items designed for taste, nutritional quality, convenience and ease of preparation. Perfect for all low protein diets. Food friendly formulas that can be enjoyed individually or used in conjunction with low protein food - designed to enhance the mealtime experience.
Breads and Specialty Bakery ItemsBreads GLYTACTIN™ BetterMilk
GLYTACTIN™ BetterMilk Flavors
Ready MealsPizza GLYTACTIN™ Complete 3-12
GLYTACTIN™ Complete 12+
Meat Alternatives and CheeseTweekz GLYTACTIN™ Restore
GLYTACTIN™ Restore lite
Fresh Filled and Dry PastasPasta GLYTACTIN™ SwirlSwirl
Desserts and ChocolatesDesserts CAMINO PRO® PKU AA

ISO-9001 and ANAB

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